Chalenj is a learning and behavior changing platform that facilitates engagement in a fun and effective way.

Everyone has faced a challenge at sometime in their life. Most often the challenges we face happen in isolation, meaning we’re missing out on resources that can help us be successful. With Challenj, we provide a structured approach to achieving results, all through the power of an App. Here is a list of some of the challenges we're addressing today:

  • Unemployment

    Job readiness

    Career development

    Job search

  • Health related issues


    Weight loss


  • Corporate Learning


    Knowledge acquisition

    Learning and development initiatives

  • Social Issues

    Senior Social inclusion

    Single parents


  • Education

    Higher Education Career Services

    High School Orientation


How Chalenj Works?


Chalenj is a platform that allows organizations to create customized challenges that address a learning and/or behavioral need. Using the latest research in behavioral and learning sciences, Chalenj leverages game theory to engage users to go through a set of daily tasks that lead to knowledge acquisition and behavioral modification. The tasks are short, fun and engaging activities that span over a prescribed period of time.

Our platform leads to quick implementation and a user friendly self-directed approach to learning and behavioral change.

Getting started on the Chalenj platform is easy and takes three simple steps:

An example of Chalenj in action

  • Case Example

  • Targeted Population
    45+ mature unemployed job seekers

  • Challenge
    Complete 60 tasks in 60 days

  • Challenge Objective
    Introduce career development and job search concepts in a fun and engaging way by getting users to reach out to contacts in their network for help. Research shows that the more active a job seeker is in their job search the more likely for success.

  • Challenge Rules
    User must complete 5 mini assessments in order to receive tasks for each day. Categories and tasks are unlocked over the 60 day period. For example, the self exploration category includes tasks around identifying career interests. When the user has completed the assigned tasks, the next category is unlocked, a mini assessment is completed and tasks are assigned. A task is unlocked each day until completion.