Chalenj utilizes a micro-action engine that directs individuals toward a desired outcome. Each micro-action includes unique features that increase engagement in order to successfully meet any challenge.

With Chalenj, anyone can turn their content, training or procedures into a challenge that is designed to achieve a desired outcome for their intended audience.

  • New Recruits & Employees

  • Vendors, Suppliers & Channel Partners

  • Social Media Followers & Brand Development

  • Investors & Donors

  • Customers, Clients & Prospects

  • Students & Participants

  • Constituents & Stakeholders

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Transform learning, informing and even entertaining into a Chalenj

Chalenj helps anyone to:

  • Create incremental and rapidly deployed content
  • Edit and deploy content in real time
  • Generate data on user activity
  • Implement unlimited Chalenjs under one platform
  • Validate action completion using multiple methods
  • Publish public or private invitations to participate
  • Increase engagement through a research based digital framework
  • Lead a user to a desired outcome

Chalenj helps any targeted audience to:

  • Learn new content and/or be entertained
  • Evolve from a “view and post” to “view and do” engagement
  • Retain content and apply it by leveraging micro-learning principles
  • Complete a Chalenj on their timeframe – when and where they want
  • Access a repository of content right from their phone at any time
  • Achieve a desired outcome

Quick implementation and deployment

Getting started is easy!

  • 1

    Work with a Chalenj consultant to develop the purpose, objectives/actions and desired outcome for your Chalenj

  • 2

    The Chalenj development team gets to work building your Chalenj

  • 3

    Your Chalenj goes live!

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Once live, completing a Chalenj is as simple as 1, 2, 3 & 4

User’s process for completing a Chalenj:

  1. Receives an email invitation to a Chalenj
  2. Opens Chalenj on their phone to view the actions assigned
  3. Completes all of the actions in the prescribed time frame
  4. Achieves the desired outcome

Chalenj in action

  • Industry: Retail Channel Partners
  • Situation: Pet food distributor in North America needed to provide product knowledge training quickly and effectively.
  • Desired Outcome: Get retail staff to understand the benefits of the specific brand in order to accurately recommend it to customers.
  • Chalenj: Staff were invited to a seven day Chalenj consisting of 2 actions per day. First action, 2-3 minute informational video and second action, knowledge review question.
  • Chalenj Results: All staff completed the Chalenj within the 7 days and successfully passed a knowledge test.
  • Industry: Higher Education
  • Situation: College professor wanted to provide students with an opportunity to gain extra credit for those that were interested.
  • Desired Outcome: Direct students to focus on key content in the course that was beneficial to their career upon graduation.
  • Chalenj: Students were given 2 actions per week over 14 weeks. First action typically consisted of a video, article or infographic and the second action consisted of a couple of short multiple choice questions.
  • Chalenj Results: 85% attempted the Chalenj, 70% successfully completed it over the 14 week period.
  • Industry: Employment Services
  • Situation: An employment agency wanted to enhance their candidate selection criteria to the interview process.
  • Desired Outcome: To determine which candidates 1) completed the tasks, and 2) provided quality responses.
  • Chalenj: Candidates who moved past the first interview were challenged to complete 3 actions per day over 2 days. Actions were tied to the desired competencies of the position.
  • Chalenj Results: All candidates completed the Chalenj and the results were weighted into the overall hiring decision criteria.